Circulation of things or spirits with us!

The traveler walked and saw an open window by the house, sobs and sorrowful weeping came from within.

Alex Gorodishchev
Mar 25 · 5 min read

Forgive me my tactlessness, but can I help with something?” — asked the traveler to stop at the window. It was a beautiful sunny day, the birds were chirping, the children were running around the yard in front of the window and the dissonance of these sounds made him retreat from ordinary politics not to interfere in the business behind closed doors.

The crying stopped for a moment, and he heard a voice with a sob, it was difficult to make out how many years he had spoken or spoken, but it helped the interlocutor on the other side of the window to distract themselves for a second from their misfortune.

Excuse me, I am very audible, this is of course wrong. But today my dear thing is irretrievably lost.” — answered on the other side of the window with a sob. Attempts to identify the interlocutor failed.

Probably it is probably not so important, but maybe it will be an interesting story” — the traveler thought and leaned against the wall.

• You may be able to explain in more detail, and the situation will not be as fatal as it seems now. — He offered to stand on the side of the window, continuing to watch the play of children on the street.

• My grandmother’s only mug broke, it’s probably strange, to cherish the old stein brought from the village is unclear when. Now there are expensive sets in the house and few people understand why it is worth keeping it in a safe, even my family does not share my fanaticism, but my grandmother was very dear to me. But you can hardly understand, and this story should not be interesting to you.

• “Not at all,” said the traveler, going through steel, but already erased from the time of the rosary. — Each thing has its own history and they do not accidentally appear in our lives, like people.

• Do you compare things with people? Is it too cruel and superficial? — the sobs on the other side of the window ceased and metallic notes began to appear in the speaker’s voice.

“Fine, at least we are dealing with a nobleman with tough life positions, but this is also bad” — the thought flashed through the head of a person standing on the street faster than the breath of a light breeze, leaving no shadow of doubt in the correctness of the chosen foreplay.

• I fully agree with you, it sounded in two ways and you correctly pointed out that I put people and things on the same level, and again I put, I think, a slightly different meaning in this phrase. Have you ever heard the expression “play tales”?

• Of course, — the interlocutor on that side seems prepared to give a detailed help on the concept

• Did you know that this concept stems from the very ancient and forgotten people? They made dolls for their children not only for the game but also to protect them from adversity. It was believed that for a short time, a kind spirit could live in a doll, if of course, he wished, who would take care of a child from all troubles. Dolls were made of grass so that in a year to burn them and to release the spirit with gratitude.

• So, they tried to tame the spirits?

• In no way, they invited them to live with them. Spirits didn’t see our world in the same way and inhabiting some object could understand the feelings of the owners of the object. They were guests and, as is required by the laws of good hospitality, they and their vessels were treated appropriately.

• Spirits, is it like with jinn and lamps?

• But the jinn just tried to captivate in such a way that, however, always ended in trouble for someone who tries. Spirits are not enemies of living beings, but it is difficult to be friends with them. However, it already looks like a fairy tale.

• I like these tales, the grandmother told me about the goblins, wood goblins, and other fabulous creatures. It was a part of childhood, it was so warm from that …

• You see, you understand everything correctly. In each fairy tale, there is a share of a fairy tale. So that people believed that things have their own soul and they should be treated with respect, then they will help in return. Also, like animals. All things are interconnected. So why do you grieve at this cup?

• It seems to me that the connection with my grandmother was gone with this cup, she always fed us porridge from her as a child, since it was more convenient for us to eat from a cup than from a plate, And in the evening she always brewed tea in it for everyone and poured into other cups as if sharing the heat with us.

• Your grandmother was a wise woman. But unless the cup binds you to her. Memories of our ancestors have not gone away. But memories can shape other memories, it’s like circles on the water. Grandma showed you how to give warmth and you said this very well, so why shouldn’t you give warmth further?

• Indeed, it was only a symbol, but how is it that for some people things pass from generation to generation, and for some people, will they live for many years and collapse?

• I will answer with the words of the very people. Spirits are different, natural, generic, cosmic. Yes, people already knew about space and different dimensions, although it still sounds fantastic, and this is perfect. And when the spirit of the creator from the clan turns into a thing, he wishes to protect the race from misfortunes for many and many generations. If it feels it is necessary, these things become relics and it is from them that most often comes peace of mind for members of the family, and it is with them that it is most difficult to part. The time in the fixed shell of the spirits is limited and after completing its mission, they leave, and the vessel is destroyed or lost. Therefore, it is better to take the situation with gratitude that we were given time to receive this gift and release the spirit who was kind to us and wished to help. Perhaps, in your case, the mug had a certain spirit that made you a present?

• Yes, definitely, I have some disagreements with my children now, they have ceased to understand me, or I have them. Perhaps they stopped feeling warm …

• Exactly…

On the other side of the window, they stopped talking and some movement began, and the traveler moved on.

“Wait, maybe you can drink some tea …” — a figure with cups in hand appeared from the door of the house, it was evident that the eyes wandered around the yard and saw only the edge of the cloak hiding around the corner.

The end

Gorodishchev Alexey aka Tigris (Wargmir)

P.S. Some fairy tales idea come to me like in dreaming and I cannot explain it. So if you find some strange things in the text, that means that this is a story for you.

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