Cold and white wolves

Our life in unusual, but most of us prefer to be blind. This is not awareness, but one of the part.

Good Night, my Dearest man!

We have a story for you tonight. It is just a legend, that has some thoughts inside, so let's begin!

The traveler sat by the fire, twilight had long since fallen to the ground and a man stepped into the circle of light.

  • Sorry, you do not tell me how to get to the village?
  • Which village? The nearest one? 
  • Yes, there seems to be one …
  • Well, with this I can only help closer to the morning, the night has already arrived, and now I have no desire to wander in the darkness. Can sit down at the fire, eat, then the forest has endowed. And there you see it will be easier to think.
  • Thank you, here is something fornication has given to native forests, and the cold is far from summer. I basically do not like the cold and winter.
  • From what?
  • Blizzard, snow, constantly freezes everything, stings, hurts. And if the storm breaks out at all, you can’t leave the house.
  • So maybe it is not necessary … to go out — he smiles a bit. — and there is one legend …

The Legend of the White Wolves (Legends of the forgotten people)

The forgotten people had very warm relations with nature and animals. They considered them to be equal and were themselves part of this very nature. They did not think about any global problems, just nature was part of them, and they were part of nature. But this is more of a topic for another story. And they say that one of the messages and gifts that survived from this people became snowstorms and blizzards.

In ancient times, these people lived on earth, where the cold basically rarely happened, and it did not last long. But the time has come and creatures from another world have penetrated their lands and with intentions that are clearly contrary to the people of the sun. In the beginning, the lost people did not attach any importance to this, by nature they were not belligerent and open, which almost destroyed them.

Random “guests” brought with them hitherto unseen gifts — in the form of severe frosts, sudden stops in life and freezing of souls.

For a forgotten people, this turned out to be completely unfamiliar and it is unclear what to do about it, so they began to look for a solution in parts.

Initially, it was cold.

Guests of other worlds have already brought fire into their world. The sun and the moon were their kinsmen. But the cold was invisible and often imperceptible and turned their bodies into brittle ice.

And the brave young men went to meet with strangers to find out where they came from and why they brought this sadness with them. Can they help with what?

But they did not return, and the relatives understood that there are no more of them in this world. But since then. As soon as the cold begins to set in or, as they began to count later, the cold death comes. Before it always appears a cloud of snow, blizzard. And in this storm, you can see a pack of white wolves. At first, they resort, and they do not bear death, but warn.

After all, icing occurs if you do not move, and the pack tries to save you. And gently bites (as with a light frost) — warning that the close with which it is difficult to cope with a living creature.

The lost people believed that these were the souls of those soldiers who then went to a meeting, understood that the plans of strangers were unclean, but did not want to just go to heaven and wait for relatives there, and wanted to protect their loved ones even after they left this world. Therefore, only those who have a strong spirit of defenders and who can resist the guests of the cold get into the flock.

… The wanderer paused, looked at the young man, who sat silently and with a frozen look on the fire.

  • But people die in the cold.
  • They die if they do not hear and do not heed the warnings or stop fighting. On the other hand, it’s just a legend and everyone has the right to interpret its essence. Well, relax, I’ll watch over the fire, and in the morning, we will figure out where we are and how.
  • Wait … do I know you? Why am I just sitting there and do not even think that you…?

The man lowered his head on the pillow from the needles and fell asleep. The traveler did not say anything.

The fire burned until the morning, and the young man woke up already alone.

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