Game of feelings! part 10

Q10 If you could change anything about the way you were raised, what would it be?

Good Night, my Dearest man!

It is not so simple to make posts in 3 different sources and 2 languages. But he can.
It will be quick, like a flash.

Nothing. There will be no long entry. Life has taught me that nothing is done in vain and everything has its price and consequences.

Question: “ If you could change anything about the way you were raised, what would it be?”


Nothing. In this regard, I can assume that I was extremely lucky with my childhood and the following years. With the best friend who died many years ago. With my family, which is strange and unique. They brought into my life a lot of basic things that I myself would have mastered for a very long time and they’re not the fact that it is right.
They and all my surroundings made me learn how to fight and lose, I know what it means to be unique and to be quite average. Habitat and the people around us constantly influence the path of our maturation, or even better, our development in the course of life. If they had not done what they had done and I would not have made the decisions that had already been taken, then these lines also could not exist. I am grateful for how this was done and how much power it gave me.
They all show me how to win!

We will not ask you to answer the same question since it is personal and not everyone will dare to broadcast it to the general public. Nevertheless, if you want - we will publish your answer and give feedback if required.

Sleep Well!

P.S. That was hard to be without you that time. And if you want to play the game on medium.

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