Game of feelings! part 9

Q9 For what in your life do you feel most grateful?

Good Night, my Dearest man!

Oh, I have found that the game is not so easy as I was thinking on start. And it is perfect.

So, I have already written a speech for nomination on the golden spear (or any other celebration), but it was in Russian and for another purpose. That was my message to many people in my life, that makes me feel stronger and go further.

Question: For what in your life do you feel most grateful?


Of course, the first and most important thing for which I am grateful is the opportunity to live and develop. And this, of course, not all. Most importantly, I am grateful for the opportunity to see. Not in the sense of sight, but somewhat deeper. To see people, the possibilities of the future (only possible scenarios, each of them may fail with equal probability, do not think that everything is determined, we change everything constantly with our own decisions), see the possibilities to think in our own way. More purely, more widely, see your strengths and weaknesses. And for all this, I thank my mother.
It sounds strange, it was not always that she gave these opportunities openly and certainly not engaged in implanting her opinion. For me and my brother, freedom of choice always existed, yes, under supervision when we were small, and yes, with confidence in our strength, when we started to grow.
We are still growing and it took me a lot of time to start seeing, it is years. Not meditation, but trial and error, finding new ways, new paths, new roads. And all this time she was near and without interfering. We were shown how to respect the decisions and personal lives of any family member, although in our family this is not perfect and this is also a revelation. Speaking to us, I write about myself and my brother, this is for him too. I was able to see even what was already and what could be reached. And I like it. That’s what I am most grateful for. For the opportunity not only to live, but also to see life.
And now, I will ask you to return up to the beginning and look at the picture. What is this?

Here is the answer

Let it be.

We will not ask you to answer the same question since it is personal and not everyone will dare to broadcast it to the general public. Nevertheless, if you want - we will publish your answer and give feedback if required.

Sleep Well!

P.S. That was hard to be without you that time. And if you want to play the game on medium.

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