Circles on the water or correction of errors.

Deeds do not go anywhere, and sometimes it’s not just useless to flee from the consequences, but also harmful. There is a more difficult decision, as it seems to us, at first glance. Try to fix it.

Alex Gorodishchev
Mar 21 · 2 min read

Ask how you can correct or smooth the consequences. In addition to death, you can practically fix (crossed out)…You can fix everything.

Rather, in and of itself, this will no longer be a correction, but compensation. This is the very moment when we restore the balance and the answer should be equivalent. Moreover, the consequences for us are not always transparent and you are sure that reward and punishment will overtake their heroes, no matter how far they run away.
I have many cases where it was possible to correct the consequences and do it quickly. Straighten course, direct trouble in another way.
Sometimes I had to make a difficult decision and deliberately deliver inconvenience to a person, and I will not say that it is for his own good. Not. Ultimately, I made sure that there were people near me who would be strong enough to survive any shocks. And if the price for this is an inconvenience now and in a mild form.

So be it.

Those who are shrewd parents and those who their children thank after many years and decades later, I think will understand me better. They are Masters of Strategic decisions, the shoots from them a person feel the rest of his life.

This is not always a blessing and, often, unconsciously. And all this helps us further and further see how the circles on the surface of the universe diverge from any of ours, even the seemingly insignificant step, how these circles meet with other circles and organize an intricate pattern of life.

And our flightif it takes place, is the same circle on the water, only this circle will not subside anymore, and will be able to become a wave or even a tsunami, which bypassed the world around, will cover us and sweep away.

In my memory, I never managed to avoid the consequences. Returning to the beginning. I asked how to fix it and very few people knew this recipeGradually, I learned to see the possible balancing options and their consequences. I can say that sometimes I preferred not to correct it, understanding that this wave will be needed. I’ll be ready for her. Either it is compensated on the way by another one and everything will become calm again.

Only circles on the water will remain.

The end
Gorodishchev Alexey aka Tigris (Wargmir)

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