Good Night with Stones! Part 8

Good Night, my Dearest man!

Well, we'll start to put on the finishing touches in the cycle of stones!

It is believed that it was the stones after the tree that allowed humanity to develop. Perhaps this is so. No wonder in one of the teachings of humanity - the stones are one of the forms of the rebirth of the soul. Hence the expression - to be calm like a rock. But how then to be with another expression - a heart of stone? then stone is not always good?
A stone skin - is it good or bad?

Stone - like any element of night and life has those properties that empowers its people. Similarly, people with whom we meet in life, get from us those qualities that we want to give them.

Or do they give themselves, and we only see the refraction of light in their cut?

What is the correct idea? what do you think? Answer and go to bed!

See you soon!

Sleep Well!

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