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Once upon a time, not in galaxy far, far away , one person came to his friend tired after a long day.

In a small kitchen they sat down to talk. Two tired people who did not expect anything from each other and the universe.

Night has come. It was already late for the guest to return home, more time would spent on the road. Therefore, the hospitable owner offered to lie to him from him, let the place was only on the floor, but still it was. The guest agreed with gratitude. Both were ready for bed.

The owner told to the guest one phrase: "Good night, sleep well!".

It was this phrase that caused the guest to long-forgotten memories from childhood, when he always had people who wished him a good night and whom he wished for pleasant dreams.

In this pleasant place, the dream captured him and he set off on a journey through memories.

And maybe they were just invented worlds. Who knows...


NIght Unity

Few Little Steps...

Feel sad and want to know that you are not alone this night? There is small another world with our good wishes and fairy tales. I will show it to you. 

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