Fleeting meetings

The traveler walked towards the valley, the picture of the meeting was still before his eyes. Nobody from this couple may have called each other a friend, but both were brothers-in-arms and experienced a lot together, and often stood side by side in defense of common goals.

  • What do you think, how many of them did you have, wise guide?
  • Countless. Although rarity is now to meet you or others like you. You go deeper into the shadows.
  • Not in the shade but hiding our light. People have learned to live without us, so now we are just watching.
  • You still say that you do not interfere — the laughter of an old raven spread over the forest, although for some it was more like a mixture of cawing and earrings.
  • We interfere, not only be on this planet are engaged in miracles. Where do without it.
  • Well, then do them more often, but it becomes boring, people have too short a century, they are always in a hurry, not managing to go anywhere.
  • This is their choice. Everything can change again. Who knows what’s next?!
  • And that is true. Good road, wanderer!
  • And to you good and long life, wise guide. Hope to see you soon.
  • He does not live by encounters, but by sensations from them — therefore, he still retains himself. — for him, there is no repetition, only now.
  • And that is true.

Original story here: https://medium.com/@agorodischev/fleeting-meetings-49de639c70dd

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