Just a little changing in posting time 2020

This Year we decided to make a little change in our behavior. Now U can read us every 10 days, so the posts will be on last day of the month, on the 10th and 20th. That is made just for some convenience because our authors start a big project that takes all their time indeed, but we still miss u and want u to feel more comfortable.

Sometimes we have to grow up

I cannot judge from the position of a mother or especially a father. This requires at least an example for comparison. And I have only my friends in this role. But thanks to a couple of people in my life, I realized that sometimes we have to be children, even behaving like real adults.
You and without me will find a bunch of texts how to wake up the inner child and stuff. And this text is only one of a hundred variants of the state of people from the “father”, “brother”, “friend”

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