An unusual day for an ordinary resident of a megapolis.

Our life in unusual, but most of us prefer to be blind. This is not awareness, but one of the part.

Good Night, my Dearest man!

The rhythm of life of a modern resident of a megalopolis is subject to certain rules and regulations. This is a rise to the sound of a busy highway or just to the sound of traffic jams. This is a gray porch of high-rise buildings, elevators, transport, road, office, the road again, dinner in a hurry or in a restaurant, shower, sleep … A new day comes. The comparison with the squirrel in the wheel is no longer an exaggeration.

But what if in our digital universe is not so prosaic?

Every day we pass tons of information through our brain. According to statistics, its number doubles every two years. And all these falls on us in the morning. But the birds are singing, it is raining, and the universe continues to live according to its laws, day by day. But a man needs a stimulus for development, and he creates difficulties for himself to overcome.
From the beginning of the digital era, the pace of life of a city dweller began to increase day by day. Initially, he gained access to international communication in text format without telegraph limitation and in real time. After downloading any information to the network and sharing it, to carry out general calculations for a short time, which until the middle of the last century often seemed simply impossible. And now he is the creator.

In fact, he became hostage to the availability of information. All psychologists in one voice trumpeting the crisis of identity, information overload, and the person continue to work on improving the digital universe, creating new gadgets and adding to them more and more pieces of artificial intelligence and communication opportunities. In fact, it turns out a very tight schedule of life with the constant absorption of information in a consumer society.


It all starts with an alarm clock on your smartphone. After going to the bathroom, breakfast or coffee, depending on the time of preference. During the process, mail, SMS, news, Instagram, etc. are checked.

We dress, wear shoes, check the presence of all the gadgets, money, travel, keys.

We leave the apartment and get into an even more information-rich world. not yet leaving the entrance, we fall under the action of advertising booklets, pipe cleaning announcements, PC settings, stylist, manicure, battery replacement, meet a neighbor who comes with a new smartphone or a neighbor in a red coat who has already sunk into a tablet with a head. And finally, we come to the door of the entrance, look like the machine on the machine and press the button, the iron door with the door closer resists a bit at first, but then the street opens in front of us. It took only five minutes from the time the apartment was closed to the exit to the street, but we already received a ton of food for analysis and processing.

On the street, we immediately integrated into the fast stream of the same people following to the subway or headed for the car, including the navigator in parallel, building a route and looking at traffic jams.


How to get there, how not to get stuck in a traffic jam, how to save and so runaway time. and here is the office, work, road from the office, evening, home, sleep, morning, again. the alarm clock on your smartphone…

We are tired by the end of the week, we are waiting for the weekend as manna from heaven, to finally get enough sleep or run again to watch a performance, a concert, go to the country for two hours. The daily carousel flows into the weekly, annual. The program works without fail.
And what if this is only an appearance.

Give yourself another try, just one more chance. Unusual

Morning. The melody that you like sounds, the sleep gradually releases you, you feel that the body is still relaxed, but now all the systems are beginning to respond to the rays of the sun breaking through the curtains or glass. The body has not yet adapted to the change of state and simply collects information, you listen to the melody, you get up or jump, it does not make a fundamental difference. Inhale deeply the air.

Wow, you can breathe!

A bath is with water, that water is wet, as wet as 10,000 years ago and 20,000, but you don’t think about it. Coffee or tea, or juice, — they also have a smell, and you like that smell.

Let you no longer notice it, or vice versa today notice it.

Comfortable clothes, your size, your style, your colors. Listen to your feelings.

The amount of information has not decreased and has not increased, regardless of the time your body receives and processes it, like many centuries ago the body of your ancestor. There simply is not this information overload, there is something that should be. Maybe you should just live, and not feel sorry for yourself?

The choice.

Any day, any living thing on the planet is full of information. The information field of the Earth affects everything. Man is a part of the planet and cannot be loaded more than any other creature besides his will. After all, it is the will and the ability to make decisions that distinguishes man from animals. Any unusual day is only a matter of choice and perception. We ourselves decide what to pay attention to.

Take care of yourself!

The end

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